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Underperformance and inconsistency in your sales team-   What's behind this?  

results & consistency
better, more predictable results.

reduced resistance

to enterprise initiatives like CRM and cross-sell

"Distance" managers

more effective relationships for "distance" leaders

The truth is:   much more that we can typically see as business leaders, managers, colleagues, and even mentors .    


PERCEPTION  helps your sales pros clear the things you can't or won't see - to make room for consistent, robust performance. 


PERCEPTION  "picks up where your comp plan leaves off" and is designed to complement the resources you are currently investing into your team- including sales training, compensation models, CRM, support staff, mentors, and more.  


It's a budget-friendly, surgical spend that invests dollars precisely where and when they are needed to address the blocks and strengths that traditional training often leaves unaddressed.  Our performance is guaranteed. 


reduced burnover tm

The ultimate "hit" to your sales team investment

improved team integration

Sales+Service+Support- enhanced and effective again


An easier way to work...